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Shanghai Xinyu Electronics Co.LTD

Shanghai Xinyu Electronics Co.LTD was founded in 2012, focused oncomplex, high-precision, long-life lamp mold production, research andapplication, the purpose of the enterprise is to become the core moldmanufacturing plant for HASCO Vision Technology Co.LTD, which is one of the largestcare lamp enterprise in China. In the past nine years, our company has nowbecome one of the largest suppliers in the lamp mold industry of China by themanufacturing of precision mold and continuous development of processingtechnology. Shanghai Xinyu Electronics Co.LTD has been identified as a high-tech enterprise in Shanghai,an innovative enterprise in Shanghai and a giant enterprise in Putuo District,and has more than 40 patents.

Thecompany’s independent research and development of high-precision automotivelamp mold and other products technology has reached the international advancedlevel with high added value, high stability, energy saving and emissionreduction. It has been applied into the market and produce good economic andsocial benefits. We are included as a tier 2 supplier for many automotiveenterprises, such as GM, Volkswagen and Ford because of the high quality andlong serving life of our mold. Also, we are awarded the title of ‘MoldManufacturing Base’ by HASCOVision Technology Co.LTD.

Whileconstantly innovating in the domestic lamp mold industry, Shanghai Xinyu Electronics Co.LTDopen up the international market and pay attention to internationalconstruction. Through transnational international cooperation, relying onoverseas orders, we will learn and absorb international advanced technologyexperience and mold standards, and carry out innovation on this basis. Atpresent, a number of expert agreements have been signed with India ALAutomotive lamp Company.

Shanghai Xinyu Electronics Co.LTDfocus on research and development innovation, study the typical structure ofthe automotive lamp mold deeply, and intelligentize the typical automotive lampmold industry. Moreover, we will constantly improve the quality and performanceof Chinese automotive lamp mold in order to realize the vision of ‘ChinaManufacturing 2025’.

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