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LED Products

SEEYAO is always dedicated to the research and development of LED products, and in 2015, it was licensed and accepted by LUMILEDS, so it has become one of China’s exclusive LED OEM factory at vehicle standard level. The current major products made by SEEYAO include different vehicle standard levels of LEDs covering high, medium and low power LEDs, with packaging modes as PLCC, EMC, ceramic packaged LED, COB packaged LED and SOCKET LED. The products are widely used for vehicle backup lights, braking lights, headlights (far/near light), daytime travel lamps, front steering lamps, vehicle ultraviolet sterilizing lamps, vehicle interior decoration lights and civil lighting lamps, etc.

SEEYAO’s LED packaging workshop boasts advanced manufacturing process, equipment and information management platforms, and it has passed the automotive industry TS16949 certification and VDA6.3 review by LUMILEDS. Meanwhile, we always attach importance to research and development, and become active in putting in research and development funds to ensure the continuous leading position of the products. We follow the principle as quality first always dedicated to the improvement of product quality. We boast complete technical training, management experience, stable technical team and skilled industrial workers, which have provided solid foundation for the production of LED products with stable quality.

With the development of the automotive industry, we can also provide customers with customized service, have timely understanding of customer demands, provide top products at cheaper prices, and establish strategic partnership together with customers for joint exploration and innovation in pursuit of constant excellence.



Automotive grade LED
UV lamp
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