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Work together to overcome the epidemic

Release Time:2022-03-15

On March 13, 2022, a number of areas in Jiading District closed management, networked nucleic acid screening, the company received the notice, emergency meeting, the establishment of "plant closed management" epidemic prevention emergency team, on the basis of cooperation with the epidemic prevention work, in how to ensure the supply of production without stopping to make meticulous and thoughtful arrangements. In accordance with the spirit of the meeting, all departments have taken active actions, from personal toiletry kits, sleeping bags and inflatable mattresses, to personal acute and chronic medicines, to the inter-provincial handover of transport goods, etc., they have made full preparations. The various initiatives go hand in hand to ensure normal production during the closed management period.

On March 14, 2022, Waigang Town issued a notice: all employees of the enterprise stay in the workplace, cannot enter the factory area at will, and the employees who remain in the enterprise are unified to the local village for testing, and the test is returned to the factory area at the end of the test, and cannot be dissolved at will. Waigang Town Government considered that our company has more personnel, specially arranged a group of epidemic prevention and staff to our company, for our staff to carry out unified nucleic acid testing work, for our company to solve a great problem, in the "Letter Yao Dabai" and Waigang Town epidemic prevention personnel cooperation, orderly and efficient completion of the company's full nucleic acid testing.

In the case of many enterprises stopping work and production, the comprehensive office has contacted all parties, the epidemic prevention materials have been smoothly in place and distributed in an orderly manner, and the accommodation area has been reasonably arranged. In addition to the staff who have been closed management, the canteen staff is fully present to ensure the supply of breakfast, lunch and dinner when the staff is closed, and multi-departmental cooperation ensures the basic living needs of employees.

While grasping epidemic prevention, in order to stabilize production and ensure the normal shipment of products, the production department, logistics department and supporting department have arranged employees to close the company to overcome difficulties.

The prevention and control is the responsibility, the battle against the "epidemic", everyone has the responsibility, everyone participates, everyone tries their best, everyone is a line of defense, everyone rises and acts. Adhere to the "three-piece set of epidemic prevention", keep in mind the "five requirements for protection", and work together to overcome difficulties.

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